Currently working on our next record, Black Feathers.

Check out the first single from Black Feathers, "Autumn Leaves".

New York Rock Exchange

We recently paired up with a company called New York Rock Exchange to release something really unique. NYRE included our song, “The Atlantic Ocean”, on a compilation album called Independent Music Collection Volume 1. But this isn’t just any compilation album: when you buy a copy of this album (which includes songs from tons of other great bands), you get a piece of the copyright for “The Atlantic Ocean”. You become a co-owner of the song! This is an amazing way to really become a part of our project and to support what we do. So visit the NYRE website and find out more about how this works.

Thank you all so much for your support up to this point. Thank you for every album downloaded, every video shared, and every kickstarter donation given. You’re already a part of what we do, NYRE just lets us make it official.

New York Rock Exchange (1)


10/16 at Kung Fu Necktie

This Thursday, we will be at Kung Fu Necktie sharing the stage with Hudson K and Solus Rex. Our friends in Hudson K are making the trek up to Philly from Nashville, so let’s show them a good time! It’s supposed to be wet and chilly that night, so you might as well come inside and warm your bones with rock n roll and liquor.

That’s what we plan on doing, anyway :)

Revolution, I Love You at Kung Fu Necktie


Last Night in NYC

Thank you so much to everyone who was with us at Pianos last night in NYC!


We made good use of our drink tickets, found out that the Cannibal Ramblers play the down-and-dirtiest blues you’ve ever heard, and got our vegan on at Teany. #winningnyc

Also, now I know what a Bellini is. Thanks, New York.


NEW MUSIC: “Autumn Leaves” is Out Today

The new single is out today! You can find it wherever you like to get your music online: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, wherever. The is the first single from our upcoming record, Black Feathers, coming in 2015. If you dig the track, please share with it your friends on facebook and twitter. We will love you forever.

And here’s a little info from the press release:

‘”Autumn Leaves” marks a turn away from the sunny nostalgia of the band’s most recent release, The Atlantic Ocean EP. An electro-rock take on a simple minor blues, “Autumn Leaves” revels in its own gritty textures. Breathy vocals, rumbling bass, and blasts of guitar fuzz create a dark, brooding tone that is lightened only by the Latin groove and playful shifts in style.

This new track also showcases an arrangement that is far removed from the verse-chorus-verse structure of much contemporary popular music. “Autumn Leaves” instead follows a blueprint more common to the jazz of the 1940s. It starts off with Lindgren crooning the central melody, veers off into Jason Reynolds’ buzzsaw guitars, and eventually weaves its way through a few more instrumental ideas before coming back to the final vocal refrain.

“Autumn Leaves” is the first single from Revolution, I Love You’s upcoming 2015 record, Black Feathers. The single was released by Monster Entertainment and Redeye USA.’