New Video: “Not So Sure” Live at Milkboy

This is the first in a series of live videos that we’ll be releasing from our show at Milkboy Philly last summer. Thank you so much to Adam Carson and his team for shooting the video, and to our own J Reynolds for the killer editing work. Watch, like, share and we’ll love you forever :D


Brainfest 2016

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be a part of this BRAINFEST 2016 this May. This show will be raising money to support the American Brain Tumor Association, and last year brought in nearly $5000. There are a lot of different opportunities to get involved, so if you want to help just their event page.



First show of 2016!

Tomorrow we play our first show of 2016. We have high hopes for the coming year, with a summer tour and new album in the works. If you live near Somers Point, NJ, grab a six-pack of whatever and get yourself to Iggy’s Basement tomorrow night so you can hear some of the new tunes.

For more info, visit the Facebook event page.

2016-01-08 Iggy's Basement


2016 shows

Right now we’re doing a lot of work writing and recording demos for a new record, but in the 2016 we’ll be back with a lot more shows around Philly, as well as a summer tour. Here are the first two shows that we booked. Click the flyers for the FB events.

Jan 29 at Bourbon & Branch

March 19 at Bourbon & Branch



I don’t know how many years ago, J and I saw Eagles Of Death Metal at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster. I have never been to another show where everyone was as happy to be there as that one, and I’ve never seen a band revel in the joy of it all so fully. I’ve thought, more than a few times, that nights like those are the reason that being a person is worth all the trouble. I know it’s a cliche, cloying thing to say, but feeling that connected to so many strangers is something truly special. I just wish the audience in Paris tonight got to have the same experience.


R,ILY featured on a new Kim Jong Ill track

About a year and a half ago, right after Jeff started rehearsing with the band, J and I spent a weekend in the studio with our friends in Kim Jong Ill. We helped them finish a track called, “My Touch,” a dance-y banger of an electro-pop tune that was slated for their upcoming album, The Get Down. They brought the Depheche Mode beats and synths, and we brought the guitars and a couple layers of vocals. The Get Down just dropped this week, so follow the link below to their bandcamp where you can hear the track!

The Get Down artwork
“My Touch” (featuring Revolution, I Love You) on Bandcamp

The Get Down is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much everywhere else on the internet, so go ahead and download it from wherever you like to get your tunes.

Songwriting continues for our own new record and we’re starting to make serious plans now for our summer 2016 tour, so email me at if you’d like us to plan a show in your city.


Dewey Beach Music Conference

Do you want to hear some new tunes? Do you want one last fling at the beach? Do you want to flee the pope-ocalypse? Then come hang at the Dewey Beach Music Conference with us.

RILY at DBMC 2015 on Sept 26 at 9pm

RILY at DBMC 2015 on Sept 26 at 9pm