Thank you to everyone who has ever been to one of our shows, bought a CD, helped us print tshirts, taken pictures, or made artwork for us. Thank you to everyone who has ever booked us, written about us, promoted us, played our songs on the radio, interviewed us, played shows with us, or had a beer with us. Thank you to Monster Entertainment LLC, A&GSync, and everyone else on our team who is working just as hard as we are to make this damn thing happen. Thank you to everyone who let us crash with you when we were on tour last year, and to PANDORAS BLISS for being such awesome tourpals. Thank you to our folks for letting us practice in our basements and bedrooms when we were young, and our lovely girlfriends for putting up with it now.

The last three years have been amazing, we can’t wait for the next three.

PS – If there are any other meatless types out there that need some Thanksgiving ideas, we TOTALLY have that covered. Hit us up! VEGAN POWER *pumps fist*