This is the first in a series of live videos that we’ll be releasing from our show at Milkboy Philly last summer. Thank you so much to Adam Carson and his team for shooting the video, and to our own J Reynolds for the killer editing work. Watch, like, share […]

New Video: “Not So Sure” Live at Milkboy

The ten year anniversary of Gorillaz’ Demon Days album is today! This album was incredibly important for us as musicians, so we decided to put together a cover of “Dare” as a tribute. Also, J put together a really cool video for the track. It is essentially the ’60s cult […]

Gorillaz Cover for Ten Year Anniversary of Demon Days

ISC - People's Voice voting site
We just found out that “The Atlantic Ocean” is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition! Out of over 18,000 entries, we made it to the TOP 200. We are so pumped, you have no idea. The winners are chosen by a panel of top-notch songwriting judges, but there is […]

“The Atlantic Ocean” is a Finalist in the International Songwriting ...