RILY…with drums?

The touring is coming to a close, with tonight being our second-to-last show with Pandora’s Bliss. It has been wonderful getting to see them play every night, and the shows have been a lot of fun. For the last couple shows we had Roman (of Pandora’s Bliss) join us on drums. Which was weird. Awesome, but weird. We haven’t played with a drummer in FIVE YEARS. That’s a long time to go without hearing a hi hat crashing in your left ear. We made a point of recording these shows since Roman and the rest of his lovely band go back to Belgium and Germany on Monday, and we might never do this again! So enjoy the videos below, and try to make it to The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ tonight if you can!

“Lullaby” live at Lit Lounge in NYC

“Graceful Steps” live at the Patriot News Artsfest in Harrisburg, PA