R,ILY is Back in the Studio

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am very happy to say that we are now back in the studio (ie – bedroom) recording new material! We’re taking a new approach this time; having worked out the basics of these songs over the 9 months since we finished recording We Choose to Go to the Moon, we are taking just the month of January off to finish up as many as possible. We will then release what we have finished as singles throughout 2012. The plan is to never again disappear for an extended period of time, like we did with the last album.

Over the last year, we’ve played a few of these new songs live, so you may be familiar with them; in conversation we generally refer to them as “That Dance-y One”, “The Slow Jam”, “The One About the Balloons”, “Jimmy” (that’s a real title), “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong” (possibly a real title), and “The Really Really New One” (obviously not a real title). One of our foremost concerns as we finish these songs is titling them.

“The Slow Jam” is actually just about done, and will be called “Cotton Shirts”. Soon I will post a video with a little preview snippet of what we have, but in the meantime I’ve included the lyrics below for you to peruse, admire, berate, or what-have-you:

Cotton Shirts

I asked you to meet me where
They tie the boats
It’s dark now, and no one knows
That we’re alone

If you’re scared, I’ll dive in first
With expert form
There’s no need for our cotton shirts
The water’s warm

If you jump in quickly, no one will know
If you jump in with me, I won’t tell a soul
If you’ll get your hair wet, I’ll kiss you right now
If you’ll get your hair wet, I’ll kiss you on the mouth

We’ll see you when we come back on Jan 28, at Arden Gild Hall with Stallions, My Friends, and Villians Like You!