New Record in the Works, “Autumn Leaves” Single Coming in September

We’re really excited to tell everyone that we’ve been back in the studio working on our next record since June. The new record will be called “Black Feathers” and we hope to release it in early 2015. It’s coming along quickly: in the worst case scenario it will be a 6-song EP, in the best case scenario it will be our second full-length album, our first since We Choose to Go to the Moon in 2011.

But 2015 is so far away, right? So we will be releasing the first single from Black Feathers on September 9, a track called “Autumn Leaves”. This song is definitely a shift for us, a dark, grooving sort of thing that meshes together latin percussion (can anyone say “claves”?), rumbling low end, and a monstrously fuzzy guitar sound that J cooked up using who-knows-what.

Maybe “who-knows-what” isn’t the best choice of words, I’m pretty sure J instagrammed his pedal board while he was working on the solo. So anyone who feels like looking for the picture knows EXACTLY what. But that’s beside the point.

THE POINT IS that we’re excited. We can’t wait to share this new music with you and we hope you dig it as much as we do. If you live in Philadelphia, you can hear it a little early by coming out to the release part on August 30 at Milkboy Philly. Also, check out the sweet artwork below.

Artwork for the "Autumn Leaves" single

Artwork for the “Autumn Leaves” single