Blizzards, and Noisetrade Reviews We Choose to Go to the Moon

What should have been a two hour drive home yesterday might have become an eight hour, blizzard-y ordeal, but this totally made up for the brutal cold and snowy roadways. Thank you Noisetrade for possibly the kindest review We Choose to Go to the Moon has ever received:

“There’s a good chance that this stunning debut record from Revolution, I Love You is exactly what’s been missing in your life…As gritty guitars blend with hip-hop loops and slick bass lines dance with synthesizers, each song breathes a fresh breath of creativity and confidence.”

Noisetrade logo

What makes this even more special for us is the fact that this album was released three and a half years ago. I don’t know what brought it to their attention, but HELL YES I’m all for it. There’s nothing like a fresh boost of confidence to motivate us as we get back to songwriting for our sophomore full-length album, Black Feathers.

Anyway, you can read what Noisetrade has to say HERE.

Stay warm everybody!