At least I got to watch Indiana Jones while I was in the hospital…

So, we didn’t play the show.  And I didn’t spend my last night of Launch drinking Yuengling with my best friends and checking out awesome bands.    I did, however, get the finish watching Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade while I was in the hospital.

rockin' Senorita Burrita tee

Everything started well enough on Friday.  We got to Lancaster on time-ish, met a few cool sound engineering dudes, checked into the hotel, enjoyed a cold, refreshing beverage, and proceeded to the greatest location in all of Lancaster: Senorita Burrita.  Which, of course, is where I got this sweet shirt, along with my totally vegan burrito…

Friday night, we spent the pre-midnight portion of our evening at The Chameleon Club and Lizard Lounge, where we were scheduled to play on Saturday.  After enjoying the lovely people there, we proceeded to Annie Bailey’s where we closed the bar down with the help of Andrea Nardello and Stephanie Carlin, both of whom sang great sets for a packed house.

We met some new friends at Anne Bailey’s, as well.  There was the chatty gentleman in a fedora who adored Stephanie’s set, if not the local Lancaster art scene.  Then there was Theresa, whose family makes the raisins in the little red and yellow boxes you see at the grocery store.  And of course Alyson Greenfield, the creative writing professor turned singer/songwriter turned Brooklyn rapper and electo-popper.  What up.

Saturday, up to a point, was less eventful.  We got some coffee (Square One!) and headed over to the conference, where we proceeded to do the standard shaking hands/kissing babies music conference dance.  [big ups to the gentleman or lady who decided there should be a bar set up all day long at the back of room during the conference]

We headed back to the hotel in the afternoon to get ready for the show, and by get ready I mean take a nap.  When the alarm went off at 5p, I got up and crossed the room.  For Mom’s sake I’ll spare the details, but in short, I had a bit of an episode where I couldn’t stand without losing consciousness.  When the EMTs got there, it happened again.

The EMTs wanted to hook me up to something that would monitor my heart rate, and very politely informed me that they would need to shave my chest to stick the electrodes to me, and asked if there was a particular ‘design’ I would prefer.  I, in turn, requested a flying V in the style of Nicolas Cage in ‘Valley Girls’, a request that was promptly, yet courteously denied.

I still have two stupid hairless circles on my chest.

The EMTs brought me over to Lancaster General, where they kept me overnight and gave me a couple units of blood.  Several very smart people who went to very smart schools and make very smart salaries looked me over and proceeded to make some very smart decisions.  They put me on some medicine, and everything is a-ok now.

One of the doctors was even kind enough to tell me that if I lived in Lancaster instead of Philly, I’d be eligible for some study where they would pay me $500 a month to take the same medicine that I have to buy now.


Anyway, the doctors and nurses patched me right up, were very nice, and generally made an otherwise frightening experience fairly tolerable.  I heart doctors and nurses.

In summation,

Downsides to my trip to the hospital:

1) I was in the hospital.

2) No show.

3) No beer.


1) Cute nurses.

2) My friends were allowed to stick around, and only left when I told them to go eat something.

3) I got to watch Indiana Jones, Iron Man 2, True Lies, and Jurassic Park.

4) I got out just in time to catch Mom’s (conscientiously vegan) Easter dinner.

Thanks to everyone who heard about what happened and expressed their concern, and thanks especially to my friends and sister whom I was lucky enough to have with me the whole time.  Mad props.