Album Art, Track Listing and Origivation Article!

All right everyone, we’ve got some more info about our soon to be released album for you…the track list!

1- Graceful Steps
2- Dry Your Eyes, Kid
3- I Won’t Be Still
4- With Anxious Smiles & Fitful Swaying
5- Not so Sure 
6- untitled
7- Anthem Underground 
8- All Your Love
9- Just a Hopeful Boy
10- There is a Light that Will Never Go Out (Smiths cover)

That’s right, the last track is a Smiths cover, can’t wait for you hear it!

And of course there’s the album art!

And last but certainly not least, be sure to check out our feature in Origivation Magazine this month! It’s part of their Launch Music Conference coverage. We look forward to playing the conference again this year and hope to see our Lancaster friends there this Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge!