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Revolution, I Love You Releases New Live Music Video

Philadelphia, PA – (Jan. 16, 2013) Lo-fi electro rock duo, Revolution, I Love
You, releases a new live music video for their song “With Anxious Smiles and Fitful Swaying” today. The video was artistically shot by Brad Wallace of up-and-coming CineMavericks Media during a packed live show at Milkboy Philadelphia.

The song, which originally appeared on the band’s We Choose to Go to the Moon LP in 2011, blends hip-hop beats, off-kilter IDM breaks, and anthemic melodies while the video consists of one elegant, slow-moving take that belies the song’s energy.

View “With Anxious Smiles and Fitful Swaying” here: http://youtu.be/_QWRZQfE6uM

Revolution, I Love You comprises Rob Lindgren (lead vocals/guitar/synth) and Jason Reynolds (vocals/guitar/keyboards). Origivation Magazine describes the band’s sound as “deconstructed pop music.” The duo is currently recording their fourth release, The Atlantic Ocean EP, expected to drop in Spring 2013 via Monster Entertainment’s global digital distribution deal with Redeye USA. Partial proceeds from the release will go towards supporting hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

For more information on CineMavericks Media (Wilmington, De), please visit:
*** http://www.cinemavericksmedia.com

For more information on Revolution, I Love You, please visit:
*** http://www.revolutioniloveyou.com

To view “With Anxious Smiles and Fitful Swaying”:
*** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QWRZQfE6uM

For a press photo of Revolution, I Love You, please visit:
*** http://www.revolutioniloveyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/0059.jpg

We Choose to Go to the Moon is available as a free download:
*** http://revolutioniloveyou.bandcamp.com/album/we-choose-to-go-to-the-moon

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Revolution, I Love You
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A&R/Product Development
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Proud member of The Recording Academy® Philadelphia Chapter (The Grammy’s). Digitally distributed world-wide by Redeye USA!